September 14, 2015

East meets West

I'm gonna call this recipe an stupidly delicious one and I guess you'll agree with me once you read or make it!

I saw it on Face Book this morning and since I knew with Sanli being away, it's going to be a super busy afternoon with coming home, doing the grocary, picking the bike and fetching Soline from her after school under a shower, making dinner and taking care of the boys I decided to make it.
It's basically pizza with noodles in a pan! What you need is:
noodles, Salami or in our case Chorizo, green paprika, pizza/pasta sauce and grated cheese.
what you've got to do is to boil the water and let noodles boil until cooked. Then mix it with an egg and fry it in a pan.

Once you turn it upside down, you can treat it as a pizza dough, put the pizza sauce and its topping on it, close the lid and let it fry for 2-3 minutes!

In 10 minutes you've got some reasonably delicious and oddly designed pizza to enjoy!

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