January 31, 2016

I hate raisins in dishes.

There are days on which I think I am ready to swap half of my life to see her eyes shining again. To hear her jolly sound of laughter. The chuckling sound which triggers a flow of joy streaming upon ups and downs of my soul.
She was sick for a week: fever, ear pain, wearied and of course lost her appetite.
I wanted to cook something that tastes like nothing she'd have had so far. Something healthy that smelled good, looked good and tasted good!

Fry onions, add grated carrots
With only a couple of carrots a red onion and a jar of pre-cooked butter beans I created a dish, which I decided to name it: "HALU Polo"!
add butter beans and sprinkle saffron, crushed cardamom seeds and cinnamon over

layer by layer add the mix on top of half-cooked rice and add a hand-full of raisins on top.
Despite all the effort I couldn't make her eyes shine on the table. The sickness won again and I lost for the 5th night in a raw.  Although she couldn't eat more than a spoon or two, she made it clear that topping up with raisins were my biggest mistake. No matter how she likes them and how she likes sweet dishes.

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