February 10, 2016

Tah Chin without fidelity!

Some 10 years ago, I wrote here about Tah Chin (the story is in Persian). Couple of days ago I made a not so-loyal to tradition recipe and liked it a lot. You might also like to give it a try:
The differences between mine with the traditional "Tah Chin" are:
- being lazy, chicken fillet is not cut into pieces
- Since I miss some green ingredient in the dish, I added chopped chives and coriander leaves
- I dislike the tick layer of rice and its fluffy texture in the original recipe. Hence, instead of backing in a pan, I backed it in an oven tray and in the oven. 220 C for 20-30 mins (don't forget to check it out half-way cooking and replace to lower/higher level to make sure you'll get the best color.

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