May 11, 2016

Lamb Shank

For years I considered becoming a vegetarian. Cons and pros as well as lack of decisiveness made me take the middle ground. Namely, restriction of red-meat and sea food meals to only once per week (poultry is once in a while). Above all, only buying meat from an authentic, local butcher/fisherman.

There is a huge difference between having the lamb shank cut from the poor lambs's freshly slaughtered body hanging from the hock in front of your eyes and picking a nicely packed piece of meat from the supermarket's fridge. The difference doesn't sit neither in the price nor in the taste, which are not even comparable at first place! It's that overwhelmingly sad feeling, that "what am I doing to animals?" sense of guilt that makes the difference.

You need to frist fry onions (3 for two shanks) and then put the lamb shanks on top, close the lid and let it cock on low heat for 4-5 hours. No need to add water at all (that destroys the taste.) once the meat is well cocked and is almost falling off the bone, add salt and pepper. Simply delicious!

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