June 9, 2017

The tastiest dinner ever

This afternoon while biking home Soline suggested we swap our roles. She is Bahar and I am Soline. She cooks. I take a shower, sit back, and read my book till the diner is ready. Only under one condition: I should stay away from her! She'll choose what to cook, get the ingredients sorted out and prepares the dish. I couldn't agree more!
She did a great job in being "me". Came to the bath room while I was under shower to make sure I don't waste too much water and am ready in three minutes! Once out, she came to check whether I am using my body lotion, smeared some on my back quickly, and headed back to her kitchen prepared a nice plate full of strawberries, cherries and peach for me.

Once ready, she asked me to set the table and tada!